Link Exchange Manager Tool 1.0

Link Exchange Manager Tool 1.0



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Link Exchange Manager is a software program that manages your website s links pages. While Link Exchange Manager does NOT automatically swap links or force link swaps, it is a time-saving way to reduce HTML coding and manual scanning for reciprocal links and dead links on your link partners websites. Link Exchange Manager is perfect for managing an organized links page, or a resource directory, and you can send off link request emails to website prospects. Also called link swapping and link exchange, its a great way to increase website traffic by linking with other relevant websites, and to increase link popularity at the same time.Main Features Include : * Manage your reciprocal links* Automatically generates your Links Pages * Links pages fully customizable as they are template based * Automatically checks link sites to ensure they still link back to you* Detects & removes sites who no longer link back* Sends personlized link request emails to suitable link partners* Organizes links pages into categories and subcategories* Shows Alexa ranking for all link partner websites* Helps to improve your search engine rankings* No HTML coding required

Systems: Windows

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